Can you install seat heaters to a vehicle that doesn’t come equipped with them?

You certainly can! Our seat heaters are designed to work under both cloth and leather upholsteries. They provide heat to the lumbar and bottom portions of the seat. The three-position switch offers high/off/low settings. Often times our customers who are getting leather seats installed will add seat heaters at the same time.

Did you know: It is also possible to add seat heaters to rear seats — if you want your passengers to ride in comfort as well!

With Utah’s extreme climate changes, many people are also curious about cooled seats. We offer installation of special components to the two front seats which provide both heat and cooling. It is quite a bit more involved than installing coil-type seat heaters alone because it uses technology that pushes either hot or cool air through the seat. So it also requires perforated leather with a special foam backing. It sure is nice to have the option of both temperatures, though!


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